Equipment Rent

  • Atomos Shogun 4K-Recorder

    REF: GV3015
    from€84,19 per day
  • Atomos Shogun SunHood

    REF: GV3016
    from€4,70 per day
  • Chrosziel Follow-Focus

    REF: GV3010
    from€64,03 per day
  • DedoWeigert Ledzilla LED Onboard Light

    REF: GV3018
    from€16,13 per day
  • Glidecam HD-2000 Steadycam (up tp 2,7kg)

    REF: GV3023
    from€21,17 per day
  • Kessler Cine Slider incl. transportbag 1,1m

    REF: GV3013
    from€58,98 per day
  • Kessler Hercules Head + High Hat 1000

    REF: GV3012
    from€26,13 per day
  • Kessler Oracle Controller Motor Kit

    REF: GV3014
    from€46,38 per day
  • Marshall M-LCD 7″ HDMI Cameramonitor for Canon

    REF: GV3017
    from€26,13 per day
  • Rode NTG-2 directional microphone

    REF: GV3019
    from€11,00 per day
  • Rode SVM Richtmikrofon with Windshield

    REF: GV3020
    from€16,13 per day
  • Rode Videomic Pro directional microphone

    REF: GV3021
    from€11,00 per day
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