Film Production

Preparation of production, teamwork and experience of every single production determine the outcome. We have available a highly professional and creative team, which can draw attention to your product individually. We have many years of experience in all areas of advertising and image films and take care of the organization, the project support and the management up until the postproduction and filing of your final product. Every single one of your products has the highest priority with us and is being treated with outstanding quality from start to finish before being completed jointly. Thanks to our huge network of directors, cameramen, make-up artists, stylists and model and talent agencies, we assure you a smooth execution of your film production. We are happy to have a non-binding talk with you to get to know your project and its purpose and to draw up a customized offer for you – just call or email us.
You are looking for an experienced full service film production agency? Zero-8 is all you need.  A good picture is one thing, but a film needs more. A film production demands a coherent story. This is being perfected by the right shot, the right concept and storyboard and the subsequent cut. Moreover, the right selection of models and artists via a true-to-concept casting is of great importance. There are different kinds of film productions: We differentiate in broad outline between product, advertisement and editorial film. At the beginning of every production are the creation of a script and the planning of a concept. The selection of the models is a very important aspect of a film production because this is how you create emotions and impart the product. The trick with advertisement and image films is not to lose the focus for the product due to the various distracting effects. For your film production, we offer a professional and experienced team of creative minds, the right equipment, the suitable location and the entire pre- and post-processsing. It is important that a film production runs smoothly and that the final product convinces not only the client but also the viewers.