Image Editing is one of the most complex subject areas in our line of business. We offer the maximum of professional Image Editing in any realm and offer you the overall package from the Raw Picture to the printable image. Our retouchers have been on the top of Image Editing for many years. We convert Raws, create Colourlooks, retouch these, compile Proofs and provide you with the image as a final print file. No matter if Editorial or major Ad Campaign - we make sure that your image becomes a great success with your client. Due to our experience and our creative specialists in all areas, we can create a ready-to-print catalogue including layout configuration for you. Trust us - give your creative masterpiece into our hands and we’ll ensure that you shine in front of your clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll counsel you with pleasure!

ZERO-8: Your Image Editing / Retouching Agency in Munich, Germany. 

The world of photography cannot be imagined without image editing anymore. Mistakes like over- or underexposure or noise can be caused by an excessive ISO figure that has to be corrected afterwards. Backgrounds can also be adjusted or applied in order to make for a suitable surrounding of the image file. The correction of cutout, brightness, contrast and sharpness also happens within the first steps of the editing. Geometrical and technical editing also comes within professional image editing. Image editing can be subdivided into many techniques, the most common of them being retouching. Retouching means – as the French word already implies – touching up. With the aid of retouching, the model’s sizes and measurements can be adjusted at will, skin flaws can be assimilated and single parts of the body can even be transposed. A further focus of ours is beauty retouching, which cannot be thought away from today’s world of advertisement. It has become an important part of photography. Many fashion and beauty brands advertise flawless beauty, which can be acquired with the purchase of their product. Beauty retouching in advertisement photography often is a very elaborate process that requires good taste, the right eye and of course a professional image editor’s know-how. Image Editing doesn’t only consist of correcting and eliminating mistakes in the RAW files on hand, but also of the processing of these files. Also it has to be made sure that no photo information is lost and that the file is handled properly while the development of a RAW picture. With a RAW file, individual color looks can be created. A RAW file features more information that a jpg file and is therefore suited better for the development and the following image editing. By creating one’s own look, the imagery can be changed drastically and the image’s expression can be intensified. How can one recognize good image editing? Good image editing in the fashion branch is at hand when the observer cannot recognize the image’s manipulation, i.e. when the image is unnaturally natural. Everyone knows that regular skin can’t be as clear as it is being displayed in magazines. The skin’s structure has to remain noticeable because only in doing so does the image seem real. Mistakes like the removal of the wrong wrinkles and the destruction of the natural skin structure cannot happen with good and professional beauty retouching, because this makes facial features seem unnatural and the skin seem plastic.