Equipment Rent

  • ABC Stativ 132x mit Spinne 100mm Kugelschale

    REF: GS2010
    from€42,18 per day
  • Avenger Light Tripod A1045 B

    REF: GS2011
    from€11,00 per day
  • Glidecam HD-2000 steadycam (up to 2,7kg)

    REF: GS2009
    from€21,17 per day
  • Hedler Light Tripod Master 3,66m

    REF: GS2012
    from€5,20 per day
  • Induro Stativ A313 + Head BHD 2 with Changeplate

    REF: GS2013
    from€16,13 per day
  • Manfrotto 142B Tripod extension for MA008

    REF: GS2006
    from€6,00 per day
  • Manfrotto Ground Tripod MA003

    REF: GS2002
    from€3,55 per day
  • Manfrotto MA004 / MA005 Light Tripod

    REF: GS2003
    from€5,20 per day
  • Manfrotto MA008 with wheels

    REF: GS2004
    from€10,24 per day
  • Manfrotto MA008 without wheels

    REF: GS2005
    from€8,98 per day
  • Manfrotto MA420 gallow small

    REF: GS2001
    from€10,25 per day
  • Manfrotto One leg tripod + Neiger 234 RC

    REF: GS2007
    from€6,00 per day
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