Photo Production

WE ARE YOUR STRONG PARTNER IN ALL AREAS OF PRODUCTION Guaranteeing a smooth procedure for a photo production requires a trustworthy organization and the right contacts. Not only do we have a broad basis of locations at our command, but also do we maintain close contact to professional photographers, make-up artists, stylists and model agencies. Whether on a location or in the studio, we make sure that your production is perfectly elaborate from concept to printable image and being planned so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We offer a wide selection of furnishings and mobile set-assembling and build high-quality custom-made sets. We are happy to have a non-binding talk with you to get to know your project and its purpose and to draw up a customized offer for you – just call or email us.

ZERO-8: Your professional photography production agency partner from Munich, Germany.

A photoproduction bears the challenge of being able to tell a story with a picture. The search for a suitable location is the first step of every successful photo production. Years of experience enable us to resort to a broad range of national and international locations and to find the fitting environment for every photo production. It is often of great importance to the client that a production firm takes care of everything and that it offers the full package. Everybody who plays a part in a photo production has to be chosen carefully in advance. A photo production firm’s main task is the assortment of the right team and the merging of the right creative minds for the various parts. A production manager usually supervises the photo production and ensures that everything runs smoothly. In case that you want to employ models in your production, an elect casting needs to be arranged to find the perfect face. Our contacts to the worldwide leading model agencies allow us to get the newest and best faces at attractive terms.