Product Photography

We have already photographed, edited and successfully handed in thousands of products, with and without models. Owing to our many years of experience in this area, we know exactly what to be mindful of in order to make your product sell best in your online shop. Your products need to convince at first sight, be it in Print or the Digital World. Product placements are the graphic language of marketing and embody the value of their brand and their company. With us, each and every one of your products is being carefully prepared, handled, and photographed optimally according to your wishes even in the shortest amount of time. Whether as a sheer portfolio, on a model or a bust or as creative laydowns, we’ll help you with the professional display of your products. We’d love to talk to you about your individual products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

ZERO-8 is your professional Agency for all product photography.

Product photography is becoming a more and more important task of photography. Its significance has enhanced enormously during the last few years because of the rising amount of brands and mail-order businesses and their online representation, as well as brands that solely merchandise and sell their products online. Online shops become more and more important and the fashion industry’s fast pace does its bit concerning this matter. In order to convince the potential customer to make a purchase, the product photography needs to be perfectly aligned to his/her needs. The product has to win over in a pictorial form and contrast from other products. Since the product cannot be fitted virtually, its photographic image is the only perceptible element. If a product is not being photographed veritably, the vendor risks receiving a great amount of returns and thus having to expend a big effort. Which kind of product photography is being used for an online shop? For an online shop selling clothes, especially the Hollowman method, the photographing on a bust and as laydown can be recommended. To make the product come even more alive, there is also the possibility of photographing and presenting clothing on a model. If it’s not about a garment that has to be staged lavishly, but a rather simple product, photographing as a simple packshot is advisable. Here, too, is has to be made sure that each and every detail is carefully being highlighted photographically and that a good quality is being ensured.