Studio Rent

Zero-8 offers two top-notch full service rental studios and event locations in Munich. One of the studios features an industrial look and another one is a fully equipped high-end studio with L-channeling. Both of our studios have access to highly professional photo, film and lighting equipment.

Our two rental studios are located in the center of Munich and are within easy reach by public transportation.

Which qualifications does a rental studio need to show? The agency Zero-8 know exactly what is needed. A good rental studio also distinguishes itself through various premises that can be rented for different needs according to the client’s wishes. Two studios in the center of Munich are available for rent. These can be used for different purposes. Do you need a centrally located rental studio for a constructive workshop, a photo production, an event or a professional casting? Our studios offer the ideal premises for all desires. Especially in the field of photo and film production does Zero-8 offer two fully equipped high-end studios, which provide for the ideal conditions. Zero-8 gladly supplies equipment for your next photo or film production. For this, only top-notch brands like ProFoto, Briese, Hasselblad and much more are being employed.